It Happened One Night

I go through these sudden cravings of sugar, I think we all do once in a while – mine just happen to come much more frequently than I would like. I had just come back from college a few months ago; moving back home and waiting to land a job was tiresome so I would spend much of my time thinking about my college days and the desserts in particular. I went to Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts and unlike many I LOVED dorm food – SHOCKING I know!

As I lay in bed procrastinating and reminiscing I started remembering all the possible desserts I had been introduced to and in particular, carrot cake. The smooth creamy texture of the icing lathered generously on to each individual piece, the not so moist cake but yet consumable in vast quantities was enough to get me going. That was my moment, I decided if I can’t be back at Mount Holyoke I can sure as hell try and create it myself to fulfill my craving. And there I was, in the kitchen a few hours later grating carrots, mixing butter and sugar and eggs and all the yumminess that goes into it. Many hours later my creation was ready and that was the start of many more baking days ahead.

So now, I am chaneling all my oven energy into a blog and hope you will enjoy it and find it useful for those desperate times when you need to fulfill a sugar craving – or just for the hell of it!

A tad bit about me – I’m in a Full-Time job working as a marketer in the FMCG Industry. I started this blog when my daughter was 10 months old (she is now 21 months old) and I also now have another daughter who has just turned 2 months,  a wonderful husband who also works as a marketer in the same company. I’ve been assisting my mother in baking since the age of 6 and baking independently since the age of 12 and like many other baking bloggers I too am passionate about it.