Peppa Pig

I’ve been terrible at adding my new entries for the last few months now.  I’m now making a conscious effort to make sure I don’t slip.  I’ve had to really push myself to bake in the last few months. I...

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Oreo Cake

Oreo Chocolate Cake

My last post was about Oreo Frosting in prep for an Oreo Cake that I wanted to make for a dear friend at work. Her Birthday was coming up, closing in on the end of the year and even though there hasn’t been much to...

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Mississippi Mud Cake

Mississipi Mud Cake

I made a Mississippi Mud Pie a few years ago. It turned out all gooey and not very held together and pie like.  And that failed attempt was one of those where you just never want to bother trying it again and so I...

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