Frozen Birthday Cake

Now that I’m done with the Peppa Pig, a Frozen cake as daunting as it sounds did seem like a challenge I could take on.  When Frozen was released late 2013 my girls were TOO young to enjoy it (then 2 years and the younger one just 5 months). Now at 5 years and 3.5 years they are all about Elsa and Anna and freezing everyone and everything around them. I have to admit I never thought I’d be doing a Frozen themed birthday party, not because I was against it, I was dying to do one, but I didn’t think the fever was going to last this long. But 3 years later, still going strong.

 So my next few entries are going to be Frozen related but I’ll start with the most exciting one for now – the CAKE!

I’ve always felt poor Anna gets no attention from the little girls. Everyone wants to be Elsa and it’s all about her, when in reality the movie is really all about Anna, Elsa just plays the special role of icy powers and that’s it. So, I thought let me do my bit and make an Elsa Anna cake instead of just Elsa.

I didn’t have the dolls that have the top halves as plastic so I had to be super careful to make sure their dresses don’t get ruined with the frosting and in the pictures you might see some random cling wrap coming through somewhere.  First and most importantly, don’t get intimidated! if you’ve seen the past birthday cakes I’ve made of Dora and Little Miss Birthday, this was actually the easiest cake to decorate. I had my challenges on getting it together a bit, but it worked out fine in the end.

You’ll need a Wilton Doll Pan and an 11″ round pan to make the platform for the cake.  use your favourite vanilla or chocolate cake recipe and bake one doll cake and one round 11″ cake.

Core the center of the platform cake, this is needed given the Wilton doll mold isn’t tall enough for the dolls. Frost with light blue frosting.
Cut the mold cake into three layers and frost with any colour frosting. Split the cake in half vertically and then core it further to fit 2 dolls
Frost each dress with light blue and dark blue frosting and then pick the cakes up and push them into the standing dolls
Create the snowflakes randomly with Wilton tip #1 and white frosting
Starting from the bottom using Wilton Tip #2, making the curves of Anna’s dress in purple, following by the green stems and leaves and finally the red flower bud
To finish the dress, use Wilton Tip#21 and create a border at the bottom of the dresses with purple and white and on the sides to fill the space between the dolls
For the final touch, add Wilton snowflakes on the platform cake randomly and as the border at the bottom


  1.  Similar to Peppa Pig, make a cake of your choice, chocolate or  vanilla. One with Wilton Doll Pan Mold and another 11″ round pan to make the platform and give height
  2. Core the round pan at the center to squeeze the dolls legs into the core and apply the crumb coat frosting, let it rest in the fridge and then with blue frosting. I’ve used buttercream frosting and Wilton Skyblue colouring
  3. Next layer the doll mold cake and frost in three layers and split the cake in half vertically so the dolls can be fit into it. You will need to core more from the center to allow for the cake to nestle at the waist of the dolls
  4. Frost each half of the doll mold first with crumb coating and then finally the with Sky blue and Dark Blue frosting for the dresses
  5. Next, place the dolls in the core and place the dresses on either side and push into the dolls to bring them closer together. There will be a gap don’t worry about that, you can fill it in with the cake from all the coring and then frost it
  6. Decorate the dresses next, starting with Elsa since its easiest 🙂  use a Wilton Tip#1 to make the snowflakes. For Anna, use Tip#2 and start at the bottom with purple frosting making the curves, then the green stems and leaves and finally the red flower buds
  7. To finish the dresses use Wilton Tip #21 and make shells at the border of the dress, white and purple, and on the sides where the dolls are joining, this will cover the gaps from the 2 dolls
  8. Finally, use Wilton snow flakes to randomly place on the platform cake and on the border of the cake at the bottom
  9. Set in fridge before serving

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