Chocolate Case Tart

I was having a few family members over for dinner after ages and wanted to put in a little more effort than usual for the dessert. My husband is not such a big fan of Chocolate Tart, I think maybe because every time I have made it, it’s come out a little differently because I’ve been experimenting something or the other. 
This time round was yet another experiment. I decided to add a layer of hard chocolate to the top once it was baked so it gave it a casing. Looked pretty, and turned out wonderful. You could even try white chocolate, that may look even nicer and fancier.  

Shortcrust pastry
3/4 cup Elmlea double cream
1/2 cup milk
300g chopped chocolate (you can mix dark and milk, or make this all dark or all milk – according to your taste)
2 eggs
100g chocolate for the casing (dark or milk) 


  1. Preheat oven to 180 C and line a tart tin and bake for 15mins
  2. Heat the milk and cream together in a pan and just before it boils remove from the heat and stir in chopped chocolate
  3. Once combined add in the eggs, preferably beaten to make combining easier
  4. Pour into the tart tin and bake for 20 mins or until the center is just set 
  5. Allow the tart to set in the fridge for a few hours and cool before preparing the chocolate casing
  6. Once the tart is set, melt the chocolate in a microwave or use the bain marie method and spread all over the tart
  7. Place tart back in fridge to set and serve cold 
Chop chocolate
Beat eggs
Heat milk and double cream to boiling point
Pour onto chocolate and stir to combine
Pour onto baked tart crust
Set tart in fridge or let it come to room temperature
Pour melted chocolate over tart and let it set
Crisp chocolate on the outside and soft on the inside

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