Millionaire Shortbread

While we are getting ready for Christmas and working on our shortbreads I thought I’d make the millionaire shortbread just for a bit of variety and for the added sweetness which a plain shortbread would not give. So here it is – super simple. 
1 Shortbread base
200g Milk or Dark chocolate melted
  1. Bake regular shortbread and allow to cool
  2. Pour caramel over the baked and cooled shortbread. I would use 2 cans of condensed milk if making from scratch ( I prefer a thick layer of caramel)
  3. Place in fridge overnight if possible, or just for an hour to let the caramel set
  4. Melt chocolate and pour over set caramel
  5. Let the chocolate set over room temperature first before transferring to the fridge, roughly about 30-60 mins
  6. Transfer to fridge and cut into pieces when ready to serve
Shortbread base
Pour a thick layer of caramel
Top with melted chocolate
Millionaire Shortbred
Shortbread, caramel and chocolate

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