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This post ends the Birthday posts – it’s like a Trilogy if you ask me, and now while I write these posts, I look back and think I went a bit far in trying to perfect the theme and making everything go together. 

I mentioned in my last post I made Mr. Birthday Sugar Cookies as part of the Goody Bags. I thought this was going to be my nightmare, but this was before I started decorating the cake and I had no idea it would take me 4 hours to do.
I was never a fan of Sugar Cookies until just recently when I started baking more and more of them and getting a bit better each time. They do so well with the kids I think it’s an easy fix, but it definitely has far more work going into them than the little people appreciate, who take just a few mins to chow down 🙂 
I wanted to have the Mr Men cookies as part of the menu, or even as an activity for kids to decorate their own Mr Men cookies. Would you believe NO ONE does Mr Men Cookie Cutters anymore. The last ones were probably produced in 1980 and since then the only ones you can find are on ebay UK and of course they are used but I think you get a pack of 6 if you are lucky and someone is willing to part with them. The other options I have seen are from Mr Men Play Dough cutters – I think that is available at Debenhams, but one of those rare finds. So I found myself stuck again, and came across Etsy. I wasn’t familiar with this website until I became desperate and realised people around the world are using it. 
Please order your cookie cutter from here, it’s the ONLY place in the world that seems to have thought of it. For something rare, I think it’s reasonably priced at USD 5.66 and then you can add shipping etc, It ships from Netherlands from a store which specialises in 3D cookie cutters and cookies. I also got a cookie in the mail from them with the delivery which was a great gesture and way to sample cookies. You can find them on Facebook .
Outline the hat and body with Black icing and then fill in the Blue with Flood icing
Outline the hat and body with Black icing and then fill in the Blue with Flood icing
You already have my sugar cookies recipe, I don’t budge from those, nor the frosting, so I’ll go straight into decorating the cookies and what you will need:
Things you will need:
1. Mr. Birthday Cookie Cutter 
2. Icing Colours: Black, Red, Yellow & Blue 
3. Tip # 3 and 4
4. Edible Black marker 
  1. As with all decorating, let the cookies cool and then start working on the outline. 
  2. Take black royal icing and start outlining the body and hat. This icing should be thick, closer to toothpaste texture
  3. Once the icing has dried take Blue icing with Tip #4, which will be your flood icing, slightly runny, but not very. I use a bottle to fill up and flood the cookies, it works much faster 
  4. Next, fill the shoes with red using #3 and also make red lines on the hat, alternating to leave space for the yellow lines to fill in 
  5. Follow this up with filling the hat with the remainder spaces with yellow lines using Tip#3 
  6. Let the cookies dry over night and then work on the details of the shoes, eyes, nose, smile and hat with the black edible marker 

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