Snowflake Cookies

The Frozen trilogy continues, but to be honest, I’m not sure if it will remain a trilogy anymore, the next post I had planned for was Frozen Marshmallows – but now I’m undecided on that front.  Snowflake cookies always remind me of the cold winters and crisp winter mornings where it’s a bit nippy but still comfortable. I love winter! Snowflake cookies dipped in hot chocolate, what an over load on sugar combo 🙂

For now, there’s no hot chocolate, and there’s no winter – it’s all about the things we can get together for a 5 year olds birthday party and tick off the obsession of Frozen and a self-satisfaction of yes I’m a working mum, but I have taken time out to do something for my girls. It’s all in the head to be honest, no one judges and no one cares, to each his own, but we are so caught up with ourselves and self-satisfaction it’s hard to ignore most of the times.

I love baking for my girls but especially Serena, she’s older and is so appreciative of me taking the time out to decorate and bake her cakes and all the additional goodies that go with it. She’ll come and hug me a million times and keep saying Thank You. It makes it so much more worthwhile!

So, down to business. I didn’t have a snowflake cookie cutter – shame! But something Wilton needs to look into for the cookie cutter box – with the 100 cookie cutters it has to offer it still has no snowflake – what a shame!  I made do and used a Splat cutter instead and it still gave the same look, was a bit larger than I had wanted it but then 1 cookie was enough per child and possibly adult as well 🙂

I’ve used my go-to Sugar cookie recipe and for the frosting I added 1 tsp corn syrup to make it shiny and used Wilton Sky blue colour to get the blue effect.

Outline the Snowflake cookie and then fill with blue icing
Once dried with white icing make a kris kross across the cookie to create a star with Wilton Tip # 1
Let the white lines dry up
Add the details at the tip of the lines to give the snowflake effect

Royal Icing Recipe:
1 C icing sugar
2 tsp corn syrup
2 tsp milk

Mix all the ingredients together and decorate, add more milk if the consistency is too thick


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