Chocolate KitKat Cake

KitKat is one of my favourite chocolates, one of my many favourites, right up there with Snickers. How wonderful would it be to combine a favourite cake and your favourite chocolate? Sounds like a dream come true? I tried this initially as a trial for the birthday party which never materialized, so instead I baked it for a recent Pot Luck. I wanted it to make something which looked really pretty but would also look super fancy so I thought of a Chocolate KitKat Cake. You can never go wrong with a Chocolate cake at a Party anyway, and if it’s surrounded by KitKat – looks even better.

If there was a dessert Fashion Show, I can assure you this would have been the Show Stopper! There was a queue for this cake, children and adults alike and the cake was wiped out in 15 minutes flat. 

I make this with a Chocolate cake but you can really use any cake recipe you like with a Chocolate Icing. If you use anything besides Chocolate icing it may not look as pretty and fancy – but one can always try!

1 Chocolate Cake of your choice
1.5 Recipe of Chocolate Butter Cream Icing
22 Fingers of Kit Kat – Buy the 2 finger packs
400g Peanut M&M’s
1.5 M Ribbon of your choice

1. Split the cake into 2 to form 2 layers for icing.
2. Apply the icing to the first layer, then the second and finally all around to complete it 
3. Start adding the Kit Kat’s to form a fence. Add 2 pieces Kit Kat together with enough 
    distance for a knife to pass through
4. Add the M&M’s to form a layer on top
5. If the Kit Kat looks like it has started to melt let it cool in the fridge before you tie the ribbon around
Apply icing to layer the cakes
Cover the cake with icing
Use A LOT of Kit Kat and form a fence
Top with Peanut M&M’s
Tie a ribbon around it and it’s ready!

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