Dora Birthday Cake

My husband and I never celebrated our daughter’s 1st Birthday. There was no Birthday Cake, no magician, no Elmo. She wore a new dress, we wished her Happy Birthday and that was it! She turned 1, how much was she going to enjoy her birthday? So we’ve been opposed to celebrating birthday’s until she can actually enjoy them and fully aware. 
She’s 3, and fully aware,now that she’s in school. Even before she got her first birthday invite from school I’d started planning her Birthday Party. A Dora Themed party. Honestly, it was a nightmare. Like any mother I wanted it to be the best party she could have, the give away’s had to be meaningful and not a bag full of useless goodies, the decorations had to be well coordinated. It took me 2 months, but I am now more experienced for my second daughters birthday party. I think it’ll be faster and smoother 😛 
So here is my Dora creation and the lessons I learned. 
Things you will need:
Good Chocolate or White Cake Recipe
Butter Cream Frosting
Wilton Gel Colours: Copper, Rose,  Brown, Violet, Royal Blue, Lemon Yellow, Black, Red-Red, 
Split the Butter Cream Frosting in below colours:
1/2 cup for Skin in Copper 
1/2 cup Brown
1/4 cup pink
1/4 cup purple
1/4 cup light blue
3/4 cup yellow
1/4 cup black
1/4 cup red
There’s a whole order that needs to be followed apparently to ice according to Wilton. I couldn’t follow that, as useful as it was. My cake was too soft, so by the time I took it out of the pan the only thing that was useful for me was the shape of the pan, since nothing else was visible!!! YES – there was sheer panic the night before the party! But I decided to try my luck free-hand and it turned out alright. 
I basically started the frosting at the top with Dora’s hair and worked my way down. That was the easiest way to do it.  It turned out alright. I also didn’t over do the frosting,  since it was a birthday cake and I didn’t want children to go crazy on the sugar 🙂  Parent’s appreciated it and kids came for seconds! 

Chocolate cake baked in Dora pan
The cake turned out to be too soft, and left me with nothing to work with 
Dora Cake
I went free hand and started from the top – Dora turned out pretty ok!

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