Easter Cupcakes

This post is so over due I was even debating on whether I should put this up or not. We are so far away from Easter and the last one was already 4 months ago, but since this was a fun project for me I’ll share it anyway.
My daughter started school this year and she’s learning about all the different holidays, their meanings and how it’s celebrated. When Easter came along, I thought – PERFECT! I’m going to send Easter Cupcakes to school for all her friends to enjoy. 
Serena was super excited about it and loved that she was able to take something and it became a bit of ‘Show & Tell’ for her as well. 
Baking, decorating, storing was the easiest thing I have done in a LONG time. I hope it’s as great an experience for you as it was for me:)
Vanilla Frosting  : Stiff with little milk so the grass stands up 
36 White chocolate Easter Eggs
Wilton Tip: # 233 (Grass Tip)
Wilton Colour: Leaf Green 
How to Decorate:
  1. Add a few strands of the Wilton Lead Colour Gel Paste into the Vanilla Frosting, mix completely and keep adding colour until the Grass colour is achieved as you like it 
  2. Fill the piping bag prepared with Tip #233 with the frosting 
  3. Hold bag at 90 degrees to the cupcake and gently press enough to make a short standing grass, the frosting must be stiff for the grass to come out straight. I made mine a little squiggly because the frosting kept melting
  4. Once all the cupcakes are decorated place 3 eggs at the center of each cupcake. This must be done while the frosting is still wet, so the eggs can stick. Otherwise they will fall off when transporting even within the house 
  5. Let the frosting and eggs come together and serve 
Use grass tip frosting and place 3 white chocolate eggs on top



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