Mascarpone Frosting

I’ve been missing for a little while…it’s been forever it seems! I’ve also had some blank posts that have been coming up because I keep forgetting to make an entry, that’s how busy it’s been.
I’ve been caught up in farewells, birthdays, festivals, school events and more school events! Friends have been visiting and staying with us and now my parents are visiting and since it’s their last night and they’re doing a last shopping run, I thought instead of chowing down sugar into my system to console myself of their departure let me focus on sugar through writing and sharing. So, some good has come out their visit and departure and I’m back to sharing again. 
The big boss’ birthday was coming up and since he was traveling I figured I may not need to bake AT ALL!!! It’s become a thing now for everyone’s birthday, there seems to be this silent expectation that I will bring a cake along 🙂 Fortunately and unfortunately we’ve had lots of new people join the team and I feel I owe it to them since I’ve baked everyone else, especially since 2 of the new people are working with me! But in the process of catering to the new people I’m doing 2nd rounds for the people I’ve already baked for :/ So here I am baking all over again for the big boss! But to hit 2 birds with 1 stone, I combined it with my interns birthday as well. 
I’m sharing the yummy bit of the dessert, the frosting, this week, and I’ll follow up with a cake soon!
2 packet icing sugar (approximately 900g)
1 1/3 C butter (room temperature)
2 C Mascarpone Cheese (approximately 500g)
1-2 tsp milk 
  1. Sift icing sugar so there aren’t any lumps 
  2. Add butter, combine and then add cheese
  3. Mix all the ingredients together with a whisk, and add 1 tsp at a time to reach the desired consistency. It should be nice and fluffy and super light.  I find 1 tsp more than adequate to make the frosting spreadable easily 
Mascarpone Frosting 1
Mix all the ingredients together with a hand held whisk
Mascarpone Frosting 2
Beat until frosting reaches the desired consistency 

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